Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet & Greet 10/13

We have been sleeping late the past few days. When we were in Illinois and Indiana we had to get up at 4 a.m. because Dad had to ride the train. Yesterday, we woke up at 6 a.m. with Mama screaming "IT'S TRASH DAY!  WE CAN'T BE LATE!" She had a lot of trash to put out since we are becoming minimalist. There are just some things that Goodwill doesn't want.  What?  We can't even remember what she put out there, but she had six bags full of trash. She was a little nervous when the trash man came and he sat there for a while. We think he was making sure that we were on his list of stops again. Another company stopped first, but then they realized we weren't on their list.  Anyway, our trash guy took all our trash and Mama was happy.

Mama then took some things to the consignment store.  She is trying to sell her crystal and Dad's beer steins.  They were surprised that our glassware was indeed real crystal.  She has an appointment to take in other items next week.  They prefer appointments and since we are out of their "district", she can bring in 25 items at a time.  Mama doesn't think she will get much for her items, but it is easier than trying to sell them on Ebay.  She really hates just donating those items. We don't think minimalist have crystal and beer steins. LOL 

After Mama got home, she surprised us by taking us to the park.  She wanted us to practice on our ramp.  I do fine with the ramp, but Scout is not so sure about it. We walked around the park and had a lot of fun sniffing.

Today, we woke up at 7 a.m.   Mama informed us that we were going to a meet and greet. We got to see our friends from  Greyhound Companions of Missouri.  Mama was a little nervous because Dad said "You are going to take both of them?"  She hadn't really thought it would be a problem since she walked us all over while we traveled.   We did fine except for my whining while we drove there. I was too tired to whine on the way home. I whine when I am excited, so deal with it!

Want to see some exciting photos from the meet and greet?  Are you sure you are ready?

Scout with her tongue stuck to the floor.


 Mama should have taken photos of the other dogs. She is bad. 

After we got home, we took a nap.  Meet and greets are exhausting!

Me relaxing by my door.
The Greyhound Who Is Exhausted From Meeting And Greeting

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