Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Are In The Chicago Area!

We arrived at our campground in the Chicago area Saturday afternoon.  Dad was able to get Goldie out of the wooded campsite without any problems.  Our neighbor said she was impressed.  We only hit rain for about ten minutes, so we were very happy.  The drive was an easy one.  We were on toll roads the whole way.  The total was $58.   That's crazy, don't you think?   We left around 7:30 a.m. and arrived about 2 p.m. with two stops.  We gained an hour during that time because we left the Eastern Time Zone.  We are happy to be back in Central Time.
In line to pay another toll.
 We passed through Elkhart, IN.  Dad was drooling because they build a lot of RVs there.  He has always wanted to take a tour.  Then, we passed by the RV Hall of Fame.  Mama didn't know there was such a place.  Dad said he didn't know it was so close to the highway.  Dad has a rule that we only stop at rest areas and gas stations on our travel days because it's just too hard to stop with a motor home. I think he would have stopped if he had known it was so easy to reach.

We had a heck of a time finding a campground here.  There is nothing that is close to downtown Chicago.  That is normal for campgrounds and big cities.  We read a lot of reviews.  We wanted to find something that was close to a train station so Dad could take the train to work. Unfortunately, it is still a 25 minute drive to the train station.

The campground itself is very nice.  It's a members only campground.  You have to belong to a club to stay here.  Many of the people have paid dues to stay here.  We thought the place would clear out yesterday, but it looks as if most of the campers stay put and the people just leave.  The place is basically full.  Most of the people have golf carts that they drive around.  We feel like outsiders because we don't have one.  There is a 24 acre lake that is really pretty.
The lake.

Scout on one of the docks.

Paddle boats in the distance.  Mama says she knows I would jump off as soon as I got on one.
There is a 2 acre beach that would be so cool for us, but no dogs are allowed.  It is a fenced area and it looks like a race track with water in the middle.  We would love to play there, but you know we would get kicked out of the campground if we were caught.

Mama is happy because the laundry room is an easy walk.  We are at a 50 amp site, so we can run both air conditioners.  We couldn't do that in OH because we were in a 30 amp site.  We were in the shade and it was cooler there, so it wasn't a big deal.  It's hot here, so it's really nice to be able to run both air conditioners.  Mama is really happy that the electricity is included in our rate.  We can run the AC as much as we want and not worry about a huge bill.

Our experience so far, is that people are not as nice here as in Ohio.  No one seems to want to pet us.  What is up with that? 

The Greyhound Who Loves Exploring New Campgrounds

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