Friday, August 31, 2012

Preparing To Leave Ohio

Our plan is to leave Ohio tomorrow morning.  We are hoping that we are not driving in rain all day and we really hope we do not have any wind.  We have been very lucky on all our travel days so far.  We have three days to get to Chicago, but waiting a day is not going to help us since the rain is coming through Chicago and into Ohio.

As you all know, we have really enjoyed our time here.  The people who all said "Ewww" when we said we were headed to Cleveland had not been here and they should see a place for themselves before they pass judgment.  There is so much to see and do and the people we encountered have been very friendly except for the campground owners. They are definitely not like Fred and Verna from Houston.  We think these people are in the wrong business because they seem to hide from customers and let their kids run the campground. It is very interesting around here since some of the kids behind the counter are still in elementary school.  Mama went into the office this morning and told the person behind the counter that we are leaving a few days early.  She does not know how to check us out since it is early.  :-O  Our electric meter doesn't work, so we are waiting to see how they figure out our electric bill.  It should be very interesting. 

We promised you one more restaurant review from here. Sunday night, the folks decided they wanted Italian for dinner. Mama didn't have much time to research it.  She likes to look at the reviews and the menus. She found the reviews for D'Angelo's Ristorante, but not a menu.  The reviews were good, so off they went.  The restaurant is located in a strip mall.  When you enter the restaurant, there are black and white wedding photos on the walls.  They are very old photos. Mama thinks it is the founder and his wife. They went through another door that lead to the dining room.  Mama said she felt undressed in jeans and a greyhound t-shirt, but she noticed other people wearing shorts and t-shirts.  The tables are covered with white table cloths with candles. The walls are painted dark brown and there are more black and white wedding photos on the wall.  In the center of the wall is the family tree.  She thought that was pretty unique.

Mama looked at the menu and was not happy with the prices.  She knows that Italian restaurants can be a little pricy and she felt this one was.  She decided to order the Chicken Marsala. She ordered pasta with creamy garlic sauce as her side.  She did not order a salad because that was $4.95 extra. Yes, Mama is cheap at times.  LOL

Chicken Marsala $16.95

Pasta with creamy garlic sauce and mushrooms
 Mama was delighted that this meal was so good.  The chicken marasala was not what she had expected.  It was breaded.  It was really good!   She loved the pasta with the creamy garlic sauce and mushrooms.  She is still talking about how good it was.  She had leftovers of the chicken marasala and had it for lunch the next day.

Dad ordered Veal Shrimp Luigi with roasted potatoes as his side.
Veal Shrimp Luigi $18.99

Roasted Potatoes
Dad really liked his meal, too. He had a dinner salad and liked it. 

Bread is served with an oil dipping sauce. At first, Mama wasn't sure she liked it, but the more she ate, the more she became addicted to it.

The restaurant is a little pricy for Mama, but she liked the food so much that she was happy they had eaten there.  She would love to eat here again.  The food was excellent and the service was very good.

D'Angelo's Ristorante on Urbanspoon

We hope we like our new campground. We have enjoyed the fenced area here. Scout and I check out the pee mail twice a day. We tried out some of the agility equipment.  Scout is pretty good at jumping over the bars.  I just knock them over. Scout laughs at me because they are only 2" off the ground.

We have enjoyed our long walks around the park.
Lake when you enter the park.

Scout resting again in her favorite spot.  The grass was wet and she didn't care.  People keep asking us if she is okay.

I am still on alert for loose pigs.
Scout excited about something.  Mama says she looks young here.

Me being serious because I a still on alert.
Lori of  What Remains Now asked if Mama posts her restaurant reviews to Urbanspoon. Yes, she does. She normally writes a quick review on their site and then they take her reviews from this blog and puts it on their site. There is not any compensation though.  It's just for fun.  We are really surprised that they use our reviews because it's me writing about Mama's experience. Next year, Mama wants to start a restaurant review blog. She doesn't want to do it now since our HUGE adventure will be ending soon and she doesn't want the blog to just sit for five months.

We will blog again when we reach our next campground which is the last on this years' HUGE adventure.

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