Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Cool And Rainy Day

Yesterday, we took several walks. We sometimes drop Scout off when she gets tired and she missed out meeting an older couple that gave me treats. They live here in the summer and then they go to Florida for the rest of the year. They are really nice. Everyone but that man that glares at us because his dogs have a barking problem have been nice to us. We met another man this morning that talked to us for a long time. We got bored with him since we were on a mission to walk before the rain returned.  Mama mentioned how much we like the cool weather and he said it was hot.  Dad said someone said to the same thing to him yesterday.  Hot?  Seriously, it is in the 70's and 80's.  I guess it depends on what you get used to.  It is 71 in the RV this morning.  We have the windows opened.  Mama had to close the front door though because someone below us has a fire going and the smoke gives her migraines.  Yes, we camp and Mama can't be around campfires.  LOL   It hasn't been an issue until we got here. 

Mama wanted to mention that if you ever go to Washington DC, she recommends going to Ford's Theater. That is where Lincoln was shot. She was there several years ago and the man who gave the tour was really good. His talk was very vivid and Mama felt like she was really there when it all happened. She then went across the street where Lincoln was taken after he was shot and saw the bed that he died in. She has also been to Springfield, IL and toured all the Lincoln things there. She also recommends seeing the Holocaust Museum. It is very sad to see, but should be so that we don't forget what happened.  Washington DC has so much to see and do.  We definitely didn't have enough time there.

Here's a view coming into our campground.

Another view of the road in the campground.
Some of the campers in the main camping area. They are not in the woods like us.
There is a national park near us, Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It is only 10 miles from us. We visited there on Sunday.  We only saw a small part of it.  We hope to go back and do some hiking.
Scout and I walking at Cuyahoga Valley Naitonal Park

Train Depot

Train that visitors can take in the park.  The folks are going to go back and ride it.

Creek in park
Saturday night, the folks ate at Rocknes.  It is an upbeat, fun type of restaurant.  Mama ordered a Mini Max Hamburger.  Basically, it looks like McDonald's Big Mac, but comes with a steak knife in it to hold it together.  It has a secret sauce on it.   It is bigger than a Big Mac.  Mama said it was good.  Guess what?  She was so excited about eating it that she forgot to take a photo.  She said she will have to go back and eat there again so she can take a photo.  Dad had a cheeseburger.  He liked it too.

Rockne's Pub on Urbanspoon
 Mama make a Hawaiian Pizza last night, but once again forgot to take photos.  We are going to have to tape the camera to her, I think.   She said the pizza was good.  It had BBQ sauce, bacon bits, ham, pineapple and cheese.

The Greyhound Who Needs To Learn To Use A Camera Since Mama Keeps Forgetting

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