Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Weekend For The Humans

Weekends are overrated in my opinion. What fun are they when you stay in the RV all day waiting for the humans to come home?   We didn't even get any restaurant food this weekend.  Oh, that's right, we did get a few bites of a glazed donut from Dunkin' Donuts.  Weeee!

Today, I am going to tell you about two restaurants the folks visited and then tomorrow, I will talk about President Garfield's house which according to Mama was beautiful. 

Friday night, the folks ate at a place called Woody's Bar B&Q.   It had mixed reviews, but the folks are learning that one or two bad reviews does not mean the place is bad.  They arrived after 7 p.m. and the place was packed.  Mama had heard the service was slow, but it wasn't bad at all.  Mama ordered the Pork Sampler which was the special.  It had two spare ribs, Carolina Pulled Pork and BBQ Pork and Texas toast.  Her side items were coleslaw and french fries. She didn't care for the spare ribs.  They were tough.  She loved the rest of the meal though.  The coleslaw was so creamy.  The Carolina Pulled Pork was absolutely delicious.  The sliced pork was so tender. She raved about it all night and into Saturday.
Pork Sampler - there is more meat under the fries
The BBQ sauces are on the table.  The Carolina sauce is very thin.  Mama mixed it with the sweet sauce and really liked it.

Dad ordered the Shrimp and Baby Back Ribs.  He said the shrimp was okay, but it's a BBQ place not a seafood place. He said the baby back ribs were really good.  He had a sweet potato and coleslaw as his sides.  They both really liked the place and would eat here again if they had more time.

Woody's Bar. B&Q on Urbanspoon

 Saturday, the folks set out to get a replacement battery for their Mi-Fi (Internet service). It is under warranty, but the store will not exchange it.  It has to be sent back to Verizon and they will mail us a new one.  That is a little difficult right now since we are on the road and not all campgrounds allow for mail delivery.  They stopped at Batteries Plus and to see how much a replacement battery is and it is $40. Dad said that was too much money, so Mama will have to wait for the replacement from Verizon when we get home. It's not a big deal because it still works when it is plugged in. It just doesn't run off the battery.

They stopped at B Spot Burgers which is one of Michael Symon's restaurants.  He is on The Chew and I think Iron Chef America.  We watch The Chew.
The restaurant is located in a strip mall.  The large window opens so there is a lot of fresh air.
Inside the restaurant.

Art on the walls.
Wall of beer cans with "B" in the middle.
The menu is full of different type of burgers.  There are common burgers as well as "odd" combinations.  Bratwurst and fried bologna are also on the menu.  Mama decided to go outside of her comfort zone and order something different.  She ordered the Symon's Says burger which is a burger with cheese, fried bologna and coleslaw. The burgers are perfectly round. They really are not that large.  The burgers appear to be fried and not prepared over an open flame which is what she prefers.  She thought the burger was good, but not great.  She could have done without the bologna on it because it was a bit much, but the coleslaw was quite good.

Symon Says Burger - $8
Dad ordered the Yo! Burger.  It is a burger with fried salami, coppa, hot peppers, provolone, shasha hot sauce. He liked it, but also felt it was small.
Yo! Burger - $9
 Now, for the price of the burgers, wouldn't you expect fries?  Nope, this is all you get.  You can order fries for $4, but they did not look large enough to share, so the folks ordered Chili Cheese Fries.

Chili Cheese Fries - $7
The Chili Cheese fries were good, but more cheese would have been nice.

It was a fun restaurant to visit, but a little overpriced.  If we are ever back in the area, they may eat here again.

B Spot Burgers on Urbanspoon

 The folks ate at two more places on Sunday that they really liked, so there will be more food porn as gyeong calls it. LOL  

We still don't have a definite on our next destination, but we are pretty sure we are not going home. 

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