Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Christmas Story - Tour Of The House

Yesterday, the folks set out on sightseeing and boy, did they spend money.  They visited the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame which was a little pricey to visit.  Mama said we will talk about that tomorrow.   She wants to tell you about a place that she was excited to see and she knows her BFF is anxious to see hear the full report.  She teased her with a couple of phone photos yesterday.

We are not sure how many of you are familiar with A Christmas Story.  It is a movie that came out  in 1983.  It was a flop at the theater, but then TBS (TV station) bought it and started showing it at Christmas time.  It is now shown 24 hours on Christmas.  It is now a hit. It is about a little boy, Ralphie, who wants a BB gun for Christmas.  Everyone tells him he will shoot his eye out, even Santa.  The movie is set in the 1940's.  The first time Mama saw the movie, she didn't like it, but now she thinks it is cute and funny.  I even watched it last year with her.  When Mama found out that the house was in Cleveland and they offered tours, she said she had to see it.

The house was bought by a man who became a fan of the movie after his parents sent him a lamp that they made that looked like the famous lamp in the movie.  He started making the lamps and selling them. He found out the house was for sale on Ebay and wanted to be sure he got it, so he offered $150,000.  He lived in California and had never been to Cleveland. When he actually saw the house in person, he realized he overpaid.  It is located in a neighborhood that is run down.  He fixed the house up though and watched the movie frame by frame to make sure it was as authentic as possible.  He didn't plan on charging admission, but maybe items from the gift shop didn't sell as well as he had hoped or maybe he realized people would pay to visit because the admission is $10 a person.

Mama didn't know if the tour would be worth the price of admission, but she wanted to take a chance. She was not disappointed.  You know how when you visit most places, you are told not to touch?  Well, you are encouraged to touch here.  You can try on the hats the kids wore, sit on the furniture, play with the BB gun, sit in the kitchen cabinet (if you know the movie, you know about the kitchen cabinet).   It is a fun place to visit if you are a fan of the movie. Mama said that everyone on the tour seemed to love the movie as much as she does.  Dad even thought the house was a fun visit.
Ralphie's House!

Looking into the kitchen.

Box with the lamp sitting next to it.

Hats the kids wore.

Photos of the family.

Famous kitchen cabinet.


Turkey, Christmas dinner - which was eaten by the neighbors' dogs in the movie.

Phone that Mother used in the movie.

Notice soap on the sink - Ralphie was punished with soap in his mouth.

Little Orphan Annie Comic  and decorder ring

Pink Bunny Suit in Ralphie's Room - Visitors can try it on.

The famous lamp

The BB Gun

Radio that Ralphie heard Little Orphan Annie on.

Notice the bowling ball under the tree?

Numerous electric cords that were seen in the movie.

I told you people were encouraged to get in the cabinet.

Backyard where Ralphie almost shot his eye out.

The car from the movie.
The movie is based on a true story.  The man who narrates the story is the real "Ralphie". He actually appears in the movie.  When Ralphie gets in line to see Santa the man tells him "the line ends here, it starts over there." that is the real Ralphie.

Across the street from the house is a museum which has items from the movie.
Clothes the kids wore.

The mother's clothes.

Clothes the waiters from the Chinese restaurant wore.

Ralphies coat
There were a lot more items, but we have probably overloaded you with photos today.  Mama is anxious to see the movie again after visiting the house.  They accidentally passed by the store that was in the movie where Ralphie saw Santa.  If they have time, she would like to visit downtown Cleveland to see the other filming sights.  They were not planning on visiting the house yesterday, but when she realized it was just a few miles from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, they decided to see it.

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