Sunday, August 19, 2012


The campground really comes to life on the weekends.  During the week, we have full-timers who pull in for a night or two. They are quiet.  The weekends bring families with kids and dogs. The full-timers have dogs, but they seem quieter for some reason.  This weekend has to be the most dogs we have seen.  There is one family with six small dogs....six yappy dogs.  There are several people with poodles.  The worse is a family with two beagles. Their bark is more of a scream.  It sounds like someone is trying to kill them. It's really bad at 6 a.m. when they bark at us.  This morning, they saw us and started their screaming.  I started whining and then we heard coyotes barking.  Mama was scared we would start rooing.  That would not be good at 6 a.m.  Mama is always happy when the park clears out during the week and we can walk around without having dogs bark at us at every corner.

Yesterday, Scout and I were in the dog park and Scout decided to run.  Well, I decided it looked like fun.  Mama was trying to get us to stop, but she couldn't yell at us because it was 6 a.m.   It was so much fun.  We haven't had a run since we left home.  Mama is scared we will get hurt, but we have to be dogs, don't you think?  Later, we took a walk and we were so good according to Mama.  We just walked along without pulling or having to be pulled. Maybe the run did us good. We walked past this one trailer and a guy yelled "THERE IS A LADY WALKING TWO GREYHOUNDS, COME QUICK!"  LOL

The folks visited the Smuckers store and museum today. Smuckers makes jams, jellies and ice cream toppings. They own several companies such as Hungry Jack, Pillsbury, Crisco, Dunkin Donuts, Jif, Flogers, Eagle Brand, Knotts Berry Farm, Martha White and others.  You can see all their brands here.  The folks planned on eating at their cafe. Mama tried to find reviews on it, but nothing came up.  It turns out that it is not much of a cafe. They basically serve pizza.  They really should think of opening up a real cafe there.  They could serve homemade biscuits with all their jams and jellies. They have enough brands that they could make just about anything.  They really are missing out by not doing that according to Mama.
The Smuckers Store and Museum

This is what they made apple butter in when they started out.

A wall of jars.

Chandelier made out of jars.

View of the store.

Cute owl things that are for sale.

More Owl Things

Pillsbury Dough Boy

Leaving Smuckers
Mama said it was fun visiting the store. The musuem wasn't real exciting or big, but it showed the history of Smuckers and that was interesting.  They did buy a few things. Mama saw some ice cream toppings that she just had to have.  One is pecan in syrup. She has not seen that in the store, but she doesn't normally look at ice cream toppings, so it might be quite common.  We need ice cream to try them out. Dad bought some peanut butter.

Since they decided not to eat in the cafe, they had to find another place for lunch. They were in Amish country, so they chose an Amish restaurant.  It was a little pricey, so they chose to just have sandwiches instead of a full meal or the buffet. They were not impressed at all, but it's probably because they ordered hamburgers at an Amish restaurant. It is probably not their speciality. LOL

The Amish restaurant had a gift shop and Mama was tickled because they had greyhound items.
A sign for our RV.

A notepad
I don't know why they think greyhounds look like Scout, but apparently they do.

The folks went out to dinner, but our post is getting long, so we will talk about that tomorrow.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy The Heater Is On This Morning Since It Is Chilly

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