Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ohio Is Cool!

The weather here is so nice.  It is like it is fall, but it's not.  We are supposed to get rain from Thursday thru Sunday thought.  That is new.  It was supposed to be a nice weekend with temps in the 70's. It is still going to be in the 70's but with rain.

Dad says his commute is an easy one.  The traffic isn't bad and it's a straight shot from here to there.  I think it still takes him like 40 minutes thought.

Mama went to Wal-Mart last night to get their prescriptions re-filled and she said it was easy.  It was a challenge in Florida and Texas because English was not the first language of the people she dealt with there. She normally just orders her prescriptions on the Internet but since she is changing states, it is not allowed on their website. It seems silly.  She had two big pet peeves about the Wal-Mart in Texas. The first was the lines were always long. The cashiers moved very slowly and did not care.  No one in line seemed to care either.  It was like silent waiting in the lines.  They didn't play music in that store.  Maybe music would have made people move faster?  The second thing was people didn't not return their carts to the corral areas.  They just left them in the parking spots. Carts were all over the parking lots. It was a mess and irritated Mama every time she went there. The people she met outside of the RV park were not very nice and sometimes downright rude. The people here seem much friendlier.  Mama likes driving around here.  It is a lot like home.  Life seems to move at a slower pace here and we are taking it all in.

The dogs here are kept on leashes, but boy do they like to bark.  One man gives us dirty looks every time we walk past his site because his dogs bark at us. Is that our fault?  It is not like we go out of our way to walk past him. He is on the main street. He is a long term person, but maybe this is just his summer home and maybe he will be leaving soon. We have found that there are a lot of people that have homes here, but don't stay here all the time.  We found out that there is a lady who has three greyhounds who comes here, but she is not here right now.  We hope she comes while we are still here.  It is rare for us to see other greyhounds camping.

Another photo of me in DC.
This guy was on the front porch of the store at the campground.  He scared me at first.  I wanted to pee on him, but Mama said no.
We saw the pot belly pig that lives here last night. Scout was very interested in him. Mama didn't have her camera or she would have taken a lot of photos. Scout's eyes got big and she just starred at him. Dad told us that is where bacon comes from and Scout licked her lips.   Hmmm.....bacon!

We are behind on our restaurant reviews.  We will try to catch you up on that tomorrow as well as the sightseeing we did last Sunday.

Best Bully Sticks is having a 10% of sale.  We just got the email.  Use code AUG10. You can click the link below to get there. We are not ordering this time since we still have some and Mama needs to check with the campground to be sure it is okay for us to get mail here.
The Greyhound Who Thinks It Is Exciting When Dogs Bark At Him

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