Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Running Low On Propane

Mama dumped the tanks this morning and then checked our propane tank. We are about out of propane. Drat!  We should have filled up when we were in Maryland. They actually bring the propane to the RV and that would have been so easy. We are going to have to wait until we leave here to fill up and we know Dad will want to leave before 9 a.m. which is when there are employees to fill up the tank. Mama is going to have to re-work her menus until we leave. There will be no more using the oven to bake things. We need to conserve as much as possible so that our refrigerator can run as we travel down the highway.  It runs on propane while we are on the road.

We received some sad news late last week.  We really don't want to say this, but it appears are HUGE adventure is coming to an end for this year.  Dad is being sent to Jamaica and we are going home.  We are not happy at all!  We planned on being on the road until November, but it appears we will be home in a few weeks.  We have been holding out hope that we might get a short assignment elsewhere, but it is not looking good. Mama says we need to prepare ourselves for going home. We are not looking forward to being home without Dad until Spring. He still has vacation time coming, so he may take off a week in October. It's going to be a long winter for us.  Mama keeps saying that next year we will spend the winter some place warm with or without Dad. 

The only bright side to going home two months early is that we will be able to put money away in our emergency fund.  We are not coming home in the "red", so that is wonderful. We have had such a wonderful time traveling and we are going to be bored at home. This is not the end of our HUGE adventure, it is just a break until Spring.
Beach wear makes me look husky.  I probably need a new look.

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