Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Peaceful

It is nice to have the campground back from all the weekenders.  Most of the weekend people were gone by 11 a.m. yesterday.  It is amazing how fast they clear out and how quiet it becomes here.  We definitely are not fans of being here on the weekends because it gets pretty wild with the kids and the dogs.  There was a beach party on Saturday with a DJ, but it was so cool that most people didn't swim.  There were fire engine rides on Saturday night, but I got scared this time.  We were outside and the fire engine came by and people were yelling.  One guy asked if we came with saddles?  I don't get it.

Last night, we were walking and this lady who really likes us says "There are my DARLINGS!"  She calls us her darlings.  Then, we walked by her place again and she said that it looks like we were trained by Cesar Millan.  Mama laughed so hard that I thought she might wet herself.  Mama said that she caught us at a good time.  Mama had just been telling Dad that she thinks she will take me for some training when we get back home.  She says I am still hard to handle at times.  Me?

Mama says that Jack would have loved Ohio.  You want to know why?  It's because Judge Judy is shown three times a day here.  LOL

Saturday night, the folks had planned on eating at a place that was on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.   However, when they found the place, they decided against it.  They knew it was a bar, but it looked a little wilder than they were comfortable with, so they went across the street to a place called The Pufferbelly.  It is located inside an old train station.
Inside The Pufferbelly

A carriage hangs from the ceiling.

Coleslaw and bread

Smoked St. Louis Ribs - half slab - $13.95

Jamaican Steak and Shrimp with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli - $16.95

Mama was not impressed with the ribs. The sauce was pretty heavy.  She did remove some of it. There were some parts of the ribs that were just too fatty to eat.  She did not like the fries at all.  They did not have any flavor and were hard.

Dad did not like his meal either.  The steak was very thin and he is not sure how it was prepared but it was not grilled.   Notice the small amount of broccoli.  There must be a shortage.  LOL

It was an interesting building, but they will not eat here again.

Outside of The Pufferbelly

Train parked by restaurant
Pufferbelly Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Saturday the folks had two bad dining experiences, but they did have fun sightseeing.  Yesterday, they explored Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  We will tell you about that tomorrow!

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