Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thinking Back To Our Time In Washington DC

We are behind in our blogging, so even though we are now in Ohio, we are going to tell you about what we did the last few days in College Park, MD.

After Dad finished his meetings on Thursday night, they went out to dinner.  There was a coupon on the campground map and Dad thought the place looked good. Mama told him that the tour guide had said it was her favorite restaurant in College Park.  When they arrived, Daddy said "I think we might be too YOUNG to eat here."  LOL   Mama said they were definitely the youngest people there. The tour guide is a senior citizen, so I guess she fit right in.  The name of the place is TJ's of Calverton.  Mama ordered a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and cole slaw.
Tj's of Calverton on Urbanspoon
It was good and yes, we did get a bite of it.
Dad's meal - Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Bread
The cost of the meal after the coupon was $30, so not a cheap meal.   Mama said it was good, but she would try other places before going back.

The next day, they took the metro train into Washington DC.  They visited the National Museum of American History.   They had visited it the last time they were there and Mama said it seemed smaller.  It was very crowded and Mama doesn't like crowds.

Dumbo from Disneyland ride

Hat that Lincoln was wearing the night he was shot.

Flag that was flown on Lincoln's funeral train.


Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves

Archie Bunker's (All In The Family) Chair

Old computer - this is what they had when I was in high school.

George Washington's Uniform

This was written by someone who was passing through Villa Ridge, MO in 1950.  What is great about this?  Mama grew up in Villa Ridge, MO.  It is a very small town.  It is just amazing to see something from her hometown in the museum.

Travel trailer

Cars and train in automotive part of museum

Greyhound bus

More automobiles

Mama said she felt old because she heard kids asking; "Who is Muhammad Ali?" Who is Archie Bunker?" "What are records?"  The saddest question she heard was from an 11 year old.  He asked "Was George Washington our first President?" and he was serious. What is he learning in school?

The first time she was there, they were cleaning the first flag.  It is now complete and restored, but no photos are allowed. There were a lot of other things that they saw, but she didn't take photos of such as dresses that the First Ladies have worn and things like that.  It is a very interesting museum.

Unfortunately, they did not eat dinner in DC.  They ended up leaving DC around 3 p.m.  Mama thought they would see another museum, but Dad was ready to leave. They ate dinner at a Chinese buffet near the campground.   Mama said the food was really good.  She was a little scared because the floors were sticky and so was the soy sauce jar, but she didn't get sick after eating there.  There was a sign that said if you wasted food, you would be charged a surcharge.  If you wanted a knife, you had to ask for it.  We are not sure what is up with the lack of knives.  Mama said it was the best Chinese buffet that they have had since being on the road.  She can't remember the name of the place though.

I think I still have more photos from the campground to show you, but we will save that for another day.

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