Monday, August 6, 2012

Weather Is Great In Ohio!

We have our windows and door open today!  The high  is expected to be 79.  The low tonight will be around 59. We may need to turn the heat on.  LOL  The hottest day this week will be 84 according to the weather people.
I told you we were in the woods!
Mama put our Greyhound flag out and also put the tablecloth on the picnic table. She said it makes it look more homey.

That tree with the ribbon is the tree that gave us so much trouble getting int our site.

I'm just chilling with the door open today.
We have our hummingbird feeder out, but so far no visitors.  Mama thought about getting some bird feeders but the raccoons would probably raid them.  She still may do it to give her something to worry about.

The only real downside to our site is that it is really far from the laundry room.  It is too far to walk and even if Mama got the cart that she wants for the laundry, it will be hard to push along the gravel road. She will have to do it at night when she has a car. She is concerned that the machines will be all tied up, so she may just go to town to do it.  They only have the laundry room open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. here. 

We didn't have storms here after all.  We were walking with Mama yesterday and she felt a drop of rain and told us we needed to head back.  We wanted to sniff more and within a minute, we were under a big downpour. We were drenched!  Mama looked really funny with here hair so wet. She said "I was having a good hair day, too!"  She doesn't have many good hair days these days, so it was pretty sad.

Grandma sent us a photo to show us that a tree in our yard at home was hit by a storm on Saturday night.  Poor tree!  Grandpa is going to cut the limb out for us.  I bet the tree is going to look pretty bare when the limb is removed.
A tree at our house.  Our grass looks pretty dead.  They are having a drought there.
Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit us here in Ohio!  Mama said that she and Daddy are checking out all the restaurants so that they know where to take them. Both places they ate this weekend were good.  Mama will tell you more about the restaurants later.

The beach at the campground. No dogs allowed!

Me waiting for Dad to get us checked in.

Fire engine rides take place on Saturday nights.

Another view of the lake.

This is the fishing lake.

Scout walking by the lake this morning.  She is not sure about Ohio yet.  She hasn't wanted to walk much here.

Another view of the fishing lake.
The park is nice and most sites are not wooded like ours.  We really like being in the shade although it is so shaded that it is dark inside the motor home.  Scout says it is great for sleeping.

There is a fenced area here for it. It has agility stuff in it though, so it's not good for running.  Mama says she might try to get us to try out the agility equipment. She can try, but we are not interested.

We will tell you more about DC tomorrow. We are so behind on our blogging.

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