Thursday, August 23, 2012

What? The HUGE Adventure May Not Be Ending?

We waited almost a whole week before we made the announcement that our HUGE adventure was ending.  We were sure it was over.   Dad came home last night with shocking news.  It is almost certain that we will be on the road for a little longer. There is a hotel that wants him for two months.  Two months would be perfect.  However, if Jamaica still wants him, we will only be able to stay for one month since they asked first. He still needs his passport and that is why Jamaica has to wait for a month.  It is not definite and we are trying not to get excited, but it is looking good. Mama can't believe it.  She told Dad "...but, I told Blogville today that we were going home and I closed down my RVing blog."  We should have waited another day to make our announcement.  Welcome to our roller coaster ride.  LOL

We will wait to start the guessing game of where were are going once we are for sure that we are going there.   We don't want to jinx it. 

Remember how the window in our Jeep Liberty fell and can't get back up?  Apparently, this is a common problem in this type of Jeep.  We have had it for eight years and never had a problem but other people have had it happen several times. Dad has it so that the window can't fall down for now.  Unfortunately, something is wrong and the driver's door stays locked when you get out. That is not a problem unless you leave your keys in the car.  Yep, it happened to Dad last night. He stopped to get gas and he locked himself out of the car.  He called Good Sam's Club and they came and helped him.  Mama told him this morning to take her keys with him so that he has a set in his pocket, but he refused.  Do you think he is going to lock himself out again?  It's very possible.  LOL

I was naked last night.  I tend to get over excited when Dad comes home. I am like a bucking bronco. I was jumping around and Dad grabbed my collar.  I took off running, but my collar was then around my head. I bent down to get a drink of water and my collar fell into my water.  I quickly grabbed it from the water and ran in the RV with it.  Mama and Dad laughed and Scout just shook her head.  She can't believe she has to live with me. 

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