Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Just Can't Be Wordless On Wednesdays

It's true, we have only been wordless a few times on Wednesdays. We just can't do it very well. LOL

Like my tongue?
 Last night, Mama got her haircut. She said she spent the entire time telling the stylist about our HUGE adventure. The stylist said it sounded like so much fun and Mama told her it was. Mama stopped at the pet store and bought us some treats. Dad's plan of giving us the pet food samples from the dog show as treats didn't go over well with us. It kind of upset our tummies, so Mama bought us some real treats. Mama went to the local grocery store and found a treasure. She found Diet Code Red Mountain Dew. She has not been able to find it since we left home. Mama is happy.

We were asked if Mama is a restaurant reviewer? Mama wishes she was. She always reads the Urbanspoon reviews before she tries a restaurant and decided to start contributing since she likes to talk about the food she tries. Her blog reviews are being put on the site as well as her photos and comments.  She wonders if she should start a blog that only has restaurant reviews.  I told her to go for it, but she is still thinking.

Dad was given a bag full of home grown tomatoes yesterday at work. Mama took some to our neighbors this morning. They said they will make salsa with them.  Wow!  Mama is just going to eat ours.  LOL

Scout and I have been visiting the dog park here. There are always so many new smells there. We have been meeting a lot of new people here. I am even asking people to pet me now. I never really cared if people petted me before, but now I love it.

The Greyhound Who Thinks Living In A Campground Is Fun

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