Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Last Weekend In Ohio...We Think

We still do not have a definite that we are going to the next destination. If we are, then this is probably our last weekend in Ohio. However, since next weekend is Labor Day weekend, we may have problems finding a site in our new city and may end up staying here until Monday.  If we find out we are going home, then we will stay another weekend here since we have paid for it already and we are not that anxious to head home. Basically, we don't know where we will be next weekend for sure, but we are planning like this is our last weekend here.

Mama has been busy planning this weekends' activities and it does not look like we are going to participate in the activities.  We think that is totally WRONG!  Tonight, is grocery shopping night. Since our propane is low and Mama only has the ingredients for one meal and it needs to bake in the oven for 45 minutes, they are going out to eat.  They are going to try a BBQ place here.  Tomorrow, they are going to visit President Garfield's house and then see some covered bridges.  There are 18 covered bridges in one county here!  There are only four in the entire state of Missouri.  Mama needs to map out the ones that they will see, but it will not be all of them.  There is also a light house in that same county that they hope to see.  They plan on eating at one of Michael Symon's restaurants tomorrow, so it sounds like a full day for them.  Our day will be spent napping.  Sunday, they will probably ride the train through the national park they visited last weekend and they may eat at a restaurant that our neighbors recommended.  I think that makes for a pretty busy weekend.

Dad's day didn't start off too good.  He overslept.  It was Mama's fault because she accidentally turned the alarm off.  She needs the alarm clock that we have at home.  You only have to wave your arms to hit snooze.  She has to get up and hit the snooze here.  If she waited for Dad to do it, it would be blaring for a good five minutes.  She told Dad this morning that she hit the snooze for the last time and I guess she did because 45 minutes later, they woke up.  I was blamed because normally I whine to go out and I didn't. 

We took our long walk around 8 a.m. this morning.  The campground is so quiet today, but wait until tonight and it will be nuts.   Scout started a new thing yesterday where she just lays down in front of the camp store.  She told me she just likes laying in the grass.

Scout resting on our walk.

I am on full alert for pigs, squirrels or whatever might pass by.
The Greyhound Who Has To Be On Full Alert Because No One Else Is

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