Saturday, August 4, 2012

We Are In Ohio!

We got behind on our blog this week.  Mama was feeling drained and didn't want to help me type.  Then, she was gone most of yesterday.  Today, we left DC and now we are in Streetsboro, OH which is near Cleveland.  We will be here for a month.

I will have to go back and update you on the DC things later this week.  Mama said she is too tired to do her restaurant reviews tonight.  The drive here was fine.  We left at 7 a.m. and arrived at 3 p.m.  We were a little concerned about driving through Pennsylvania because of some of the steep grades in the road.  We haven't really had to worry about that yet.  We avoided going through the Smokey Mountains for that reason. The Smokey Mountains are much worse than what we did today. We had to pay tows on the PA Turnpike and the Ohio Turnpike. Pennsylvania was $26.95 and Ohio was $8.75.  Yikes!

We arrived at the KOA here at 3 p.m.  We did not get setup at camp until 5:30 p.m.  Why? Well, the site we had reserved had been given to someone else. We unhooked the Jeep from the RV and looked at the available sites. We chose one and Dad had a rough time getting the RV into it. Mama told him there is no way he was going to be able to level it. Our step wouldn't come out all the way because it was hitting the patio.  It was a mess. Dad realized our electric cord wouldn't stretch as far as it needed to go, so off we went to find another site.  We looked at several. Finally, Dad found one in the woods that he really liked.  We were not sure he was going to get the RV in because of some trees.  It took a while, but he did it. A neighbor came by to say that her and her husband couldn't believe he was able to get it in there. Then, a guy and his wife came by and told us that it was their site.  WHAT!   He explained that he has been here a while and has been waiting for that site to become available.  He found out the other people were moving out today, so he called the office last night and they said he could have it.  Well, they told us that we could have it, too.  He and his wife were very nice and we said we would move.  Dad then had to get the RV out of the site and moved into the one next to it.  It wasn't easy and Mama is worried about getting it out when it comes time to leave, but I guess we got it in and we will get it out.   We are really in the woods here. It is very shady, so that will keep the camper cooler and help with our electric bill.  The other sites are more what you would expect in a private park. Our site is like what you see at Missouri State Parks.  Mama says we may be bored here because we won't have any people to watch. As far as the other couple goes, they wanted the site because it has a paved patio. None of the other sites have that. They have a baby and they wanted her to have it for her walker, high chair, etc. It looks like they spend a lot of time outside. We don't think they have air conditioning in the trailer.  It wasn't really a big deal to move. It was just aggravating after spending so much time getting moved into it.

On Saturday nights, they have a fire engine that takes the kids on rides. It has driven by our place like six times already. I guess the long term people are not  happy about it because of all the dust it creates.

There is someone who has a pot-bellied pig. We will try and get a photo tomorrow.

This place is nice, but it doesn't compare to our last place. We think that one is going to be hard to beat.  The folks went to town tonight and ate dinner. Mama will talk more about that tomorrow. The town is nice and easy to get around. Mama is happy to be in a smaller place than Houston.

Speaking of Houston, a tropical storm/hurricane might be headed towards them. We are supposed to have severe storms here tomorrow, but Mama says she will take that over a tropical storm. Hopefully, it is not bad here tomorrow.  We are under a lot of trees.

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