Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Covered Bridges & Destination Revealed

After visiting President Garfield's House, the folks set out to find some covered bridges.  Mama realized on Friday that finding the bridges was not going to be as easy as she had thought. She had a list of all the bridges, but the directions just said how far each bridge were from each other.  It didn't say which direction to go.  A map could be ordered for free but it could only be delivered by mail because it is a tri-fold.  We are not sure why they just can't copy both sides of it and send that by email.  It seems easier than mailing them.  Mama saw that there was a map that could be ordered for $3.95, but again, it needed to be mailed. She called the visitors center to see if they she could buy the map in person any where.  She left a message as the voice mail she reached told her to do, but no one returned her call. The visitors center is closed on Saturday. She called on Friday.  So, they set out with the GPS set to the town the first covered bridge was said to be in and since the bridge seemed to be named after a road, they entered that.  BINGO!  They stumbled upon a sign that said "Covered Bridge Tour".  They followed the sign.

Netcher Road Bridge - built in 1998
They crossed the bridge, but no more signs.  They turned around and saw a sign saying to turn right.  They reached another bridge. This is going to be easy....NOT.  There were not signs at each bridge. They kept putting in the road names of bridges which worked at first, but then the roads didn't show up because they had driven into a different town. They were on gravel roads without town signs. It became very difficult. These are the bridges they were able to find. They gave up after a few hours. Yep, a map would have made things much easier.

South Denmark Road Bridge - built in 1890

Caine Road Bridge - built in 1986

Graham Road Bridge. This bridge has been moved to land after it was washed downstream in the flood of 1913.

Root Road Bridge - built in 1868

State Road Bridge - built in 1983
If we are ever back in the area, Mama would like to visit the rest of the bridges. It looks like there are 18 in total in this area.  I think we said 19 earlier which is what one website we visited said.

This is what we did while the folks were out having fun.

We didn't think anyone would get our destination with clue #1, but we were wrong.  We are headed to Chicago!  Scout and I have never been there, but Mama and Dad have been there a few times.  We will head home after Chicago and we are happy that our drive home will be a relatively short one. Our map will actually look like we planned this last leg of our trip.  LOL  As of today, we have been on the road for four months!!! Boy, have we seen a lot of things and sniffed a lot of places.  Scout and I are definitely lucky hounds.

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