Our 2016 Travel Map

Our 2016 Travel Map


Friday, September 28, 2012

One More Week

We will be headed home in a week.  We have mixed feelings about it.  We are excited about running in our yard, relaxing on the deck, playing with all the toys we left behind and getting more bully sticks.  Mama is happy that she will not have to walk us seven times a day and she can do laundry at home instead of going to the laundromat. She is also excited about having a car again and being able to go shopping when she wants.   Mama has a huge "to do" list, so I don't think she will be bored. We are all sad that Dad will not be with us.  He will be in Jamaica until November.  He will be home for a few weeks after that and then we don't know where he will go. It is likely that he will come back here for another month or two.  It really doesn't matter where he goes because he will be gone for 30 days at a time no matter the location.  However, if he goes someplace warm like Texas or Florida, do we stay home or go with him?  That will be interesting.  It depends on what the weather is like for us getting to the destination as to whether we will go.  So, even though we think we will be home until March, we could be back on the road sooner.

Last Sunday afternoon, we watched the Rams' game.  They played against the Chicago Bears.  It was not a good game for the Rams.  After the game, the folks ate at McBride's Pub and Grille.  They were quite disappointed in the restaurant.  There was a jukebox playing that was so loud that people had to yell at each other to be heard.  Mama said it was like being at a concert. Mama was thrilled when the jukebox turned off, but then the bartender turned the radio on almost as loud.  There was one waitress for the entire place, so the service was really slow.  They almost walked out, but finally the waitress took their order.

Hot Wings- 1 pound

Baby Back Ribs w/fries and slaw

Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Breast with Cheese and Bacon and Fries
The chicken wings were good.  A pound equals seven wings.  The baby back ribs were really good as was the chicken breast. The prices were reasonable.  However, they said they would not eat here again due to the extremely loud music.  Also, since no smoking is allowed inside, the patrons were lined up on both sides of the door outside.  The folks had to walk through smoke to leave. Smoke really bothers Mama, so that didn't make her any happier.

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The Greyhound Who Is Semi-Excited About Going Home


  1. I have so enjoyed all your posts during all your travels, especially the restaurant reviews - makes my mouth water everytime. However, I think you may enjoy some time at home to spread out and enjoy your house and yard. It will be lonely without your Daddy, but I bet you will be on the road again sooner than you think. Time to check out Missouri again! Thanks for taking us along on all the adventures and hikes and sites.

  2. I think when you get to get back on the road again you should come my way. I can show you all kinds of cool drool places to romp, walk, run and play (and yes with out stairs).

  3. I wonder if you'll be going past our house on your way home. I hope you have a safe trip back!


  4. I bet your yard has missed you. I didn't enjoy it when I was younger, and the older I get, the less I enjoy places where the music is too loud and everyone smells like smoke.

  5. Sounds like your great adventure is nearly over for the time being anyways. It is wonderful to follow your journey and I hope your mum will still continue with the blog posting.

  6. I hope it will be nice for you to rest a home for a little bit. It will be kind of fun to hear about you "at home" adventures again. I wonder if the bunnies have taken over your backyard. Wishing you safe travels.