Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have an "Exam" coming up

I have been quite worried. I received a postcard in the mail this week. It was addressed to me... Jack of Two Greyhound Town. It was from the vet's office and said it was time for my exam.

I showed it to Scout and now she is worried.

I decided I better put on my glasses because they make me look smart. I need to look smart for my exam.

Mama asked me why I was wearing my glasses and I told her it was because of my exam. I told her I needed to study, but didn't know what. She told me that it wasn't that kind of exam. She said the doctor would examine me.

That even sounds scarier. I have been keeping myself in great shape though. You just never know when the track will call and want me to come back and race. Scout says I'm too old, but you never know. I'm not letting myself go like she is.

Mama told me to just relax and that the exam will be fine. So, I decided it doesn't help to worry. I'm chilling now. LOL

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