Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scout Defends Herself

(Scout in her modeling pose)

I know my brother says I'm silly, but at least I'm not wreck-less like he is. He runs through the house like a crazy hound. He gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work that he can't stand still to be petted like I can. He runs through the house and grabs toys and throws them up in the air. He then runs through the house until Mama yells at him to stop. Mama said that he crashed through the wall once. Yep, it's true. He broke the dry wall. He's lucky he didn't break a leg.

It's true that I get scared when my tummy makes those strange noises. I've learned though that if I get freaked out, Mama will give me something really good to eat. So, whose the dummy?

Beach Life Is The Best

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