Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today is an exciting day at our house. Daddy is getting the motor home ready. We are going camping this Friday, unless the weather turns bad. He is flushing out the water because it has to be winterized here in the Midwest over the cold months. He is then going to vacuum it out. Roomba has been under the weather, so he's going to use the real vacuum. Mama is washing all the blankets and towels. Scout and I have like five blankets of our own. Mama said it will probably take her most of the day to just do laundry because she has to do all of Daddy's laundry from his trip. She doesn't really mind laundry though.

Mama used the Dremel on our nails this morning, so we are feeling nice. We don't mind the Dremel. Mama gets it out and we both hop in our beds and wait for our turn. She gives us liverwurst when we are done, so it's worth having it done.

Even though Mama and Daddy are busy today, they are both home with us and that's a good thing.

Your friend,
Greyhound Jack

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