Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a silly sister!

This is my silly sister, Scout.

Let me tell you how silly my sister is. The girl forgets to eat and then totally freaks out when her tummy starts making noises. Mama has to get food in her stomach right away because Scout's tummy sounds like it is going to explode. It really scared me yesterday. I was getting ready to take cover because I thought she was going to blow up. You should have heard the noises her stomach was making!

Mama's best friend asked Mama if Scout's hair was really blond. Mama's best friend has blond hair, so I guess it is okay for her to say that. Anyway, as far as I know Scout is a true brindle and not a blond, but she is not the brightest hound that is for sure. I told Mama the next time she wants to add a dog to our pack, she needs to meet them in person first and not just go off of a picture on the Internet. You can't judge a pup by their picture. Actually, I thought Scout looked pretty goofy on her Internet picture, but Mama thought she was cute. Blah!

Your friend,

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