Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

We thought we were having company because Mama and Daddy were cleaning the house this morning. Daddy says they were just moving the "big chunks". That's what he says when they are just picking up things and not deep cleaning. We are not sure why they cleaned. They even washed the sheets and we hate that.

Yesterday, the weather was nice and they took us to the park. Unfortunately all the snow that was piled on the road was on the shoulder and it was hard for us to walk there. We had to walk on the road and that is not much fun for us. We like to sniff and mark.

Mama made our camping reservations for our vacation in June. We are going to a greyhound event in Abilene, KS. Mama says they are having a fun run and we will be able to run just like in the old days. It should be a fun time and we will take our laptop with us and keep everyone posted on our adventures.

Are you watching the Super Bowl tonight? We are cheering for the Cardinals for two reasons. They used to be in St. Louis (which is close to where we live) and because of Kurt Warner. He used to be a St. Louis Ram and took us to our last two Super Bowls.

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