Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scout is on the couch, Jack is not happy

Friends, gather around. I have a tale to tell you. Life as I knew it has ended. My stinky sister has invaded my couch. Daddy said that if you give women an inch, they take it all. He is so right.

Just look at her. She thinks she is something now.

This morning, she was on the couch with Mama. I wanted on the couch, too, but there wasn't room for all three of us. As soon as Mama got up, I got on the couch. I thought she would jump down, but no, she puts her head on my butt. That girl has nerve! Mama came in the room and got all excited saying how cute we look. I gave Mama the laser eye look to show her I was not happy with the situation. No, I am not happy at all. This is definitely a sad day for me.

Your friend,
Jack the unhappy hound

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