Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football is back! Update - Rams are loosing BIG time!

We have our Ram's gear on and we are anxiously awaiting kickoff at 3 p.m. cst. We love football Sundays because it's also "Family Day" at our house!!!

Go Rams!!!

Update: Rams are loosing big time. We thought we scored once, but there were too many Rams on the field.

Here I am after we scored, but then they took it away from us.

Here's another shot of me. It's not flattering though. I look really loooong.

Why do I get so excited about football? I always end up feeling sick while watching. Rams really haven't been good since I've lived here. Mama said they won the Super Bowl in 2000, but I wasn't even born then.

That's it 28-0. Scout and I refuse to watch any more today. We aren't watching next week either. Well, if we do it will be in the camper. Yep, we will be camping.

At least we had a nice family day.

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