Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Relaxing On The Porch

Our weather has been beautiful here. It has been in the 60's and 70's. Mama told me this morning that we were trying an experiment. She said she was going to let me lay on the front porch while she worked and if it wasn't too much of a distraction for her, it might become a regular activity for me.

See how happy I am. I'm just enjoying my morning. I have to wear my harness and a cable. The cable is tied to the bench. Mama opened her office window and I could hear her talking on the phone, so I knew she was close by. The picture is taken from Mama's office, so you can tell she is right there watching me. There is a door right behind me and Mama left it open at first so that I could come in quickly if I needed to, but then Mama said the lizards that run on the porch could get in the house and that would be scary. She also didn't want the hummingbirds to get in. There sure are a lot of rules around here about what can and cannot get in our house.

Sassy, the feral cat, walked by. I ignored her. Mama is so happy that I have a low prey drive.

When I came back inside, Scout had to check me out. She was worried about me being outside by myself. I told her that Mama was watching me the whole time so it's not like I was really by myself. Scout is such a woman. She worries about everything.

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