Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's My Gotcha Day!!!!

That's right! Today is my 2nd Gotcha Day. Two years ago today, I left Tulsa, OK for my new life in Missouri. I didn't know what the heck was going on. My foster Mom gave me a bath the night before and said I was starting a new life. She loaded me and three other greys in her car and we drove and drove. She took us to Springfield, MO and then some other people picked us up. Foster Mom kissed me good-bye and told me to be good and she cried. I got in the car with these other people and I rode to St. Louis. We stopped in a parking lot and that's where I met my new Mama, Daddy and big brother, Jack. I was scared, but before I knew it I was loaded in their car and arrived at my new home. I'm so glad that part of my life is over. It's scary being put in a new environment. My new Mama wanted to call me Katie. I didn't like the name, so eventually she decided to call me my given name, Scout. Mama said she wanted a petite girly girl. Have you seen me? I am not petite. If I was a human, I would probably be 5'10. I like to jump in mud puddles. I'm not a prissy girl.

It took Mama and me a while to adjust to each other. She wanted me to go outside constantly to do my business and I just don't need to do that. She has figured out that I will tell her when it's necessary and I don't need to be asked constantly.

Mama says I am so different from Jack. Yes, I am different. I guess she didn't think that greyhounds had their own unique personality and thank goodness for that. She wouldn't want two Jacks running around. Jack gets so excited that he has to do zoomies. I prefer to chatter my teeth to show excitement.

I'm so glad that Mama and Daddy adopted me. I love living here and I love having my own people. My foster Mom told my Mama that all I wanted was someone to love me and that is so true. Mama says she loves me each night while she is massaging me. Life is good!

The Greyhound Celebrating Two Years In Her Forever Home

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