Thursday, January 7, 2010

It Snowed!

It snowed last night, but we are not playing in it too much because it is cold. It's only in the teens and the temperatures are dropping all day. The windchill is between -5 and -10 right now. Mama says there will be no walks today. Scout loves the snow, but even she is just making a quick run around the yard because it's so cold. Mama says it's cold in a lot of places right now and we are lucky that we have a nice warm house and plenty of food, so we are not complaining.

Mama stocked up on food this week. We get stranded here when it snows. We probably won't see the mail person until next week. We have a delivery from UPS that's supposed to come today and it has treats for us, but Mama said not to count on it until next week. Daddy's car doesn't do well in snow, so he takes the Jeep so Mama says we must be really careful and not get hurt or sick until he gets home from work. Don't worry, if it was a real emergency she would call Daddy or Grandpa and they would help us.

On a personal note, we want to send out hugs to our greyhound friend, Camie. She lives in California. It doesn't snow there, you know. We can't say much without getting leaky eyes, but if you want to read more about her, here is her blog, Camie's Kitties Hugs to you and your Mama, Camie!

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