Sunday, January 17, 2010

More New Coats!

Mama went shopping earlier this week and bought more fabric for coats. She is attempting once again to make me a camouflage coat. She is making Scout one that is either a leopard or a cheetah. We are not sure what it is. Scout says she feels pretty in the material.

We think the coats turned out pretty good. Mama is not happy with the top stitching she put on mine. She decided not to put a top stitch on Scouts and likes it better.

We like these coats and we've learned that being models is very rewarding. We get treats for modeling!

The weather has turned warmer here, so we won't be needing to wear our new coats for a while. Daddy said we would take a ride in the RV today because it needs to be run even in the winter, but our road is so muddy that we probably are not going to get to go. Mama is scared that the motor home could get stuck. Daddy has been talking about camping and we thought he took off work on Friday to take us camping, but we misunderstood. He and Mama WENT to a camping show. They didn't buy us anything though.

Jack & Scout
The Modeling Greyhounds

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