Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!!

It's true, today is my 6th birthday! This morning Daddy asked me if I wanted to go to the park.

My first thought was that it was 6 degrees. I don't want to go to the park.
Then he told Scout and she thought about it while I hid my head.

Daddy said we would wait until it got to 12 degrees before we went. We decided to go outside and test the temperatures.
6 degrees is cold PEOPLE!

Mama dressed us up. I wore my jammies and a snood that Mama made. Scout wore that ugly coat that Mama made along with a snood. Let me just say that these outfits are embarrassing. Nothing matches! The collars don't even match. Daddy said no one would see us, so off we went.

I have to say that 12 degrees isn't much warmer than 6 degrees, so we only stayed a few minutes and headed back to the car. I really hope that this trip to the park wasn't my only birthday present.

The Birthday Boy!

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