Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mama's Sewing Again.....Quick, HIDE!

Today, Daddy went to Grandpa's house to help him install some doors in the basement. Mama stayed home with us. We thought it would be fun, but she got the sewing machine out. That can be a scary experience for us. She makes things that are embarrassing to wear and then there are the endless fittings.

She tried a new pattern today and we didn't hear much cussing from her, so that was a good sign. She had us come in a few times to try on the coat and then she gave us treats, so it wasn't so bad. The coat doesn't really look like the picture on the pattern. It's supposed to be just one layer of fabric and she didn't like that, so she added a denim layer to the top and fleece to the bottom. She also added like a turtle neck to it. It actually looks like a coat. She even put some pretty stitching on it.

She noticed tonight that it is a little tight on Scout, so the next one needs to be enlarged, but it is wearable.

Are you ready to see it?

Mama can't wait to go to the store and buy more fabric. YIKES!

Jack & Scout
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