Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've Been Furminated....

....and I liked it!

What's a furminator? It's this thing.

See, some of my hair is still in it.

Mama read on Greytalk that some of the greyhounds were using it. She never thought of trying one since we have short hair, but I (Scout) shed while Jack doesn't. His hair is coarse and mine is very soft and thick. Mama enjoys being frugal, so she found one on Ebay because the one in the store was not in our budget. It was new in the package and was very reasonably priced, so she ordered it on Thursday and it arrived today.

Do you want to see how much hair I lost? Keep in mind that this is really only one side of me because well, I didn't feel like flipping to the other side and got tired of standing so Mama could do the other side.
Isn't it odd that it's grey hair? I'm a brindle after all. It claims to pull the dead hair, so I guess I'm grey underneath. I don't know. I do know that it was so relaxing having my hair brushed with it.

Jack was a little annoyed because he was laying in his bed and the ceiling fan caused some of my hair to fly into his face. Mama tried it on him and it didn't do much for him, so it's all mine to enjoy.

After my furmination, I had a Frosty Treat. Don't I look nice and shiny? Hmmmm.... well the photo doesn't show it, but I do look really shiny in person.

The Furminated Greyhound

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