Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend With Mama

We are in Day 3 of our long weekend with just Mama.

Yesterday, we watched a movie and it had greyhounds in it. We were all surprised. It's called AWAY WE GO. It has a scene with greyhounds racing. We fell asleep about a half hour before the movie ended though, so we didn't know how it ended. Luckily, it was shown again in the evening and we were able to see the entire thing.

Mama read a book yesterday. She read the whole thing in about three hours. She cried and cried while reading it. Why do humans do that? The book is called THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by Garth Stein. It is about a dog who is ready to die and the night before his death, he remembers his entire life. He had a good life, but there were a lot of sad things that happened to his human family. Mama said it was a good book.

We ate pizza bones and watched Mama play Wii. We took a short walk. We mainly just enjoyed spending time together.

Oh, do you want to see a funny picture of my goofy sister, Scout? Everyone thinks she is so pretty, but I know the real Scout. I know the Scout that sleeps with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Do you want to see?

Yeah, she is really pretty, isn't she? LOL

The Cool Greyhound

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