Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Your Dog To Work Day

(Silly picture of us from last year. We were on vacation.)

Today is the day that many dogs get to go to work with their parents. We are lucky because we go to work with Mama every day. Mama works at home, so that makes it easy for us. We have a bed in the office. Scout sometimes goes in at lunch time, but normally she stays in the bedroom. She can see Mama from the bedroom, so it's not like she is far away. Sometimes Mama talking on the phone for work makes it hard for me to sleep, so it really depends on my mood whether or not I stay in the office. I check on her several times during the day though. I'm a good boy.

Daddy left for his camping trip this morning. We were sad to see him leave without us. The weather was really nice yesterday and today, but it's supposed to be humid and 95 tomorrow and Sunday. We think we made the right decision in staying home with Mama. We wish the weather would have been nicer so that we could have gone though.

Happy Friday everyone!

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