Monday, June 21, 2010

Too Hot For Camping

Mama and Grandma have decided it's going to be too hot to camp this weekend, so that means we are not going either. Daddy, Grandpa and our skin cousin are going. It's supposed to be 95-97 degrees all weekend. This will be the third weekend in a row for highs in the mid-90's for us and we are tired of it.

Mama said it would be really boring if we camped because Daddy would be off fishing all weekend and it would be too hot for us to do much of anything except stay in the motor home. She also said and maybe I shouldn't repeat this, but I will. She doesn't want to have do all the cooking for the men. She said we will have more fun at home. She has promised us a weekend of movies, pizza bones, lots of cuddles and maybe she will make us a few new collars. We will miss Daddy, but we probably will have more fun staying home this time.

We have another agents' open house tomorrow. That means more cleaning tonight and tomorrow. Mama and Daddy looked at a few homes this weekend. We can't do anything until we sell this one, but Mama has been obsessing over one. They liked it, but the yard is not very nice for us. If it's still available when we sell ours, they may look at it again. Daddy said they could make it work, but Scout wouldn't be able to do zoomies like she does now.

The Greyhound Who ISN'T Camping This Weekend

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