Monday, February 3, 2014


Our new location

Change #1

We have arrived at our new destination.  Any guesses where it is?  We were also here last year.  The same park, but a different site.  There were predictions of ice here yesterday, but we just had a cold rain. The weather here is colder than Houston this week. 

Change #2

We have a new laptop!  Mama got really tired of the battery not holding a charge longer than 20 minutes and then the power cord didn't want to charge it. She literally had to wiggle the cord to get it into a position to charge and then she had to hold it in that place to make it charge.  It is hard to type with one hand.  We haven't been posting much because of our computer problems.

We are learning how to use this computer because it has Windows 8.  Mama is catching on to it, but it will take a while to get all of our favorite links setup.  We didn't know if it would be hard to get our pictures to load from our camera, but it worked easily.  Mama was a little concerned about that.  This laptop has a touch screen and Mama really likes it and I think it is cool.

Last Thursday, the folks visited our "address".  We use a mail forwarding service through Escapees which is a RV club. The folks drove there to have a look around and they were able to pick up their mail. The club is really nice because they have a care center for members if they become ill.  They are able to receive medical treatment and while still living in their RV and they also have meals delivered.  They also have a rec room that Mama checked out. Women were sewing, quilting and doing other crafts.  Mama said she was the youngest one there.  BOL!  The campground was pretty nice and the rates are really low for members. 

It sounds like we have a busy day ahead of us with doing laundry and setting up this computer.

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