Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Do You Mean It Is Not For Me?

Mama has been busy loom knitting all week.  I didn't know what she was making but it kept getting bigger and bigger and then she stuffed it.  A NEW TOY FOR ME! 

 What do you mean that it is not for me?  It looks like a toy.  Mama, I know that I have toys that have looked like this.  If you put a face on it and put some squeakers in it, it is the perfect toy.  :::sigh::: I was told it is not for me and I am not supposed to touch it.  I have a secret....when Mama goes into the bathroom, I touch it. :::snicker:::

What the heck is it?

It is a "Draft Buster".  Mama had been putting blankets in front of the couch to keep the air from coming in but that looked really messy and we kind of needed the blankets. A light bulb went off in her head and she decided she could loom knit one.  She has to make a second one for the other couch.  It will be her project for next week.

We are still confused on our "LIKE" button. We know that some people can see it.  We are wondering if people who can see it have Facebook accounts.  Mama worked on it yesterday and a friend who couldn't see it at first can now see it and she is on Facebook.  We don't know. We just thought it would be a fun thing to add to our blog, but it seems to have problems.  BOL!

We sat outside yesterday, but it was windy. The leaves kept hitting us and then dust started flying.  We decided it wasn't worth it.  We sat outside in the evening but Mama said she was being bitten by bugs, so we came in after about a half hour.  We did sleep in this morning until 6:30, so Mama was really happy with us.

The Greyhound Who Thinks A Draft Buster Makes A Nice Toy

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