Monday, February 10, 2014

Scout Is Going To Get Us Banned....

....from getting treats.

I told you that there is a man who works here who drives a golf cart.  He stops for all the dogs and hands out treats.  Scout gets excited whenever she see a golf cart and very disappointed when they don't stop.  We thought there was only one cart that held the treats, but yesterday we discovered that a second golf cart carries treats.  The man stopped to talk to us and then he handed us a treat.  I took mine and I happily ate it.  Do you know what Scout did?  She sniffed it and refused it. The nice man offered her another flavor and she refused.  He offered her a third flavor and she refused.  You see he didn't have the same treats as the other man.  The folks and I were embarrassed by Scout and her attitude about the treats not meeting her standards.  Mama told her that she is going to get us banned from getting treats here.  :::sigh:::

We saw more dogs being walked this weekend. It was fun meeting all the residents.  Miss Woe even came out. She is the greyhound who lives here.  We were happy to see her.  She is still a little scared of us.  Mama says we come on way too strong for her.  She had a foster brother recently, but he found his forever home.  She is hoping to have another foster living with her soon. We hope so too because it will be fun to have another greyhound in the park.

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