Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Three Day Weekend

Dad had a three day weekend.  He decided to take off last Friday instead of President's Day.  The RV show was in town and the folks wanted to go on Friday because it would be less crowded.  They started the day off by having breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Mama said the bacon was delicious.  There was a sign that said it is being sold in supermarkets, so Mama is hoping to buy us some.

This was Mama's breakfast.  It had two eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, hash brown casserole
and fried apples, grits, biscuits and gravy.  YUM!

Dad had pecan pancakes and bacon.
The RV show was better than the one in Houston, but not as good as the one in St. Louis.  They only had a few vendors.  Mama likes shopping for things for the RV and they just didn't have that.

Mama liked this fifth wheel because it has a deck that comes out the side.  I could sit out there safely. It also has the deck out the back. No, we are not buying it.
After the RV show, they ate lunch at In & Out Burger.

They went to a Chinese buffet for dinner.  Are you noticing a trend?  BOL!  Mama's birthday was on Sunday, so they ate out all weekend.

Saturday was an exciting day.  We got inspected!  Okay, we didn't get inspected, but the motor home and Jeep did. (State vehicle inspection that we have to do once a year.)  It was a big event because we had to pack up like we were actually going somewhere.  We only had to drive four miles to the inspection state.  Scout and I got a lot of attention from the employees and just people driving by.  Scout and I just stood in the parking lot and watched the action.  There was one of the big "man" balloons outside a store.  It had really long legs and arms. Scout was a little nervous about it, but it didn't hurt her.  The inspection didn't take long.  We then came back home and set everything up again.

We had Raising Cane's for lunch.  It is a chicken place.  The folks had Mexican for dinner.  It was okay.

Mama got mail on Saturday and she was upset to see that she had a summons to be a juror.  It said she needed to be there today.  YIKES!  She worried about it all weekend. She called this morning and told them she was not in the area and that she was a full-time RVer. They excused her.  She had heard it wouldn't be a problem, but she still worried about it.

Yesterday was Mama's birthday and our one year anniversary of buying this motor home.   The folks thought they would be home with us, but they needed to find boots and gloves for Mama's scooter class that she is taking next weekend.  They also needed to check out the location and drove all over since the first location was too far away.  She is going to be gone all day on Saturday and Sunday.  We are a little nervous about that, but Mama said she will leave notes for Dad on how to care for us. BOL!

Last night, the folks ate at Mama's favorite restaurant, Saltgrass Steak House.


We know the steak was good because we had some.  YUM! 

The weekend flew by and we can't believe it was three days long.

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