Monday, January 26, 2015

And The Greyhound Says....

"Weeee....can't catch me!"

Mom has been wanting to visit the train museum in Foley, AL since she got here.  It is not like she is a train person, but she thought the miniature train display would be interesting. She finally visited on Saturday. 

The first train depot was built in 1905, but it burned to the ground.  In 1908, a new depot was built.  In 1971, train service to Foley ended and the depot was moved to Magnolia Springs which is a nearby town.  In 1995, the depot was moved back to its' original spot and now it serves as a museum showing the history of Foley as well as a miniature train display.

This new clock tower was just installed in Foley to celebrate its' 100th anniversary.

This small train takes children and adults around the museum grounds.

Fountain on the museum grounds.
 The miniature train display is free to see.  Volunteers have spent their time creating it.  It has moving trains as well as moving cars. There is a fire going on at the fireworks factory.  There is really too much to take in, but there is a volunteer who describes the action to visitors.

The Clydesdale are behind the Sunoco building.  They are hard to see in the photo though.

A circus is in town and if you look to the back, you will see the drive-in movie screen.

Outside there is a real train that visitors can explore.

Mom enjoyed seeing the trains and learning more about Foley. She then decided to head back to Fish River Grill for another Swamp Burger. She brought it home to eat in front of us.  She gave us fries, but she ate every bit of that burger.  How rude is that?  She even said that it was better than the one she had the week before.

The Swamp Burger
The Greyhound Who Is Still Hard To Catch When Running

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