Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'm On Restrictions

Mom says I am on restrictions.  I hurt my foot running, so now she says I can't run for at least a week or longer.  Major bummer!  I really enjoy the dog park, so I still go, but I have to be on a leash.  Do you know how embarrassing that is?  Mom was really worried about my foot.  It is my bad one.  I broke my hock racing.  It didn't heal correctly, so after I was adopted, I had to have my bone fused together.  If you want to see me in my cast, check out this old blog entry 15 Days Post-Surgery  Looking back at the blog from this time in my life reminds me that it was not a fun time.  I think I will listen to Mom and take it easy with the running.  Mom just looked at my foot and said it looks fine, but she is not going to lift my restriction.

Scout did a funny today.  We were relaxing in our beds outside and Scout rolled out of her bed onto the ground.  She was so embarrassed!  Mom laughed.  Scout got mad and dug a hole in the sand and laid in it.  Mom put Scout's bed away since it looked like it might start raining. A little while later, a lady walked by and asked why we didn't have two beds. BOL!

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