Friday, January 30, 2015

Ready For Mardi Gras

The campground is all decorated for Mardi Gras.  We thought they were done when they decorated the entrance, but now many of the signs have beads and/or other decorations. 


There is even a Mardi Gras flag.  It is windy here today, so hard to get a good photo.

This guy is a little scary looking at night.

The office is ready.

Beads are everywhere!
We take our longest walk in the morning.  We walk through the campground and then residential neighborhood.  It is not all street walking though.  We have fields that we walk through.

We don't walk through this. We just look at it.

The dog park is way down there.

We even have path in the pine trees that we walk through.
This morning, Scout and I did some running.

Scout letting me run before she joins in.

I am not limping.  This is an action shot.  BOL!

Scout usually tires before I do, but she is an older woman.
Today, we came home and Mom cleaned.  Blah!  She then organized Dad's junk drawers.  She also purged some of her knitting items and a few kitchen items. There is a table in the club house where you can put unwanted things and they find a new home.  It's a nice way to get rid of items.

The Greyhound Who Is A Little Confused About This Mardi Gras Thing

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