Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Did I Dream It?

Did I dream that Dad came home for a visit?  Part of me thinks I did. Our dryer is fixed and a new electric outlet has been installed, so I know he must have been here.  He was here for six nights, but after he left, I thought "Did I dream he was here?"  Mom was happy that Scout and I were not upset that he was gone again.  He will be home in a few weeks and then we will all be together until next winter.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit too!  We were thrilled to see them.

So, what have we been up to?

Yep, I have been running and digging.  Mom lets me run about every other day now.

We have had some computer issues.  We have 5 gigabytes of data that we can use each month, plus we have  2.5 gigabytes on Mom's phone.  She uses her phone as a hotspot.  Well, we noticed something odd going on with Mom's phone.  She ran out of data quickly.  The app that she uses to track it was updated and it no longer tracked the data.  She was quite peeved about that. She didn't realize she was out of data until she was.  Then, we noticed our data on the computer was gone after 15 days. She called Verizon and they said everything looked okay to them. They assured Mom that no one had hacked into her Wi-Fi.  They gave her 3 more gigabytes to get through the month.  However, Mom used 2 gigabytes within two days and was barely on the computer.  She was not downloading videos or movies.  She was just trying to figure out what was wrong with the computer.  She ran virus scans and took the computer to McDonalds to use their free Wi-Fi to download all the Window updates.  Nothing helped.  Finally, Mom decided to take the computer back to where it was when it was new. She basically removed everything from it.  THAT WORKED!!!!  We are not sure what was really wrong, but she thinks something was trying to update every time she turned it on.  She remembers trying to do a Windows update a few times that didn't work.  Maybe that was it?  Since she had used her phone as a hotspot, that explains all the data being used since it was being used with the computer.

Mardi Gras is big here and our campground is preparing for the festivities.

Mom bought us some beads to wear or throw. We will decide when the time comes. BOL!

The weather has been nice here.  Mom went to the beach for lunch the other day.

She said she sat with all the other snowbirds.  Mom says we are snowbirds now.  Have you ever heard of a greyhound snowbird?  Me either.

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