Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our 1,300 Post: A Funny Scout Moment

In 2009, Jack and Scout attended a greyhound event in Abilene.  There was a fun run and the folks were excited to see them run.  They knew that Scout had never raced, but apparently she didn't attend  racing school either.  What makes them think this?  I think the pictures will answer that question.

Jack and Scout heading out to the box. Scout is on the right.

Scout comes out of the box.

She looks around.

The guy is holding his hands up asking what she is doing.

"Kid, you are supposed to run around the track."
"See, there is the lure."
"No, that way."

"It's okay."

Everyone was laughing at her.  "Do you want to give it another try?"

So, they sent the lure around again, but didn't put her in the box.

She knew what to do this time.
People starting cheering!  See the lady clapping her hands.

Jack is on the left hand side being held back because he wants to chase the lure.


She passes Mom and the crowd cheered her on.

Scout enjoyed the fun run once she figured it out.  It was the one and only time that she ran on a track.  Mom said she enjoyed seeing Jack and Scout run, but she wouldn't do it again due to fear of injury.

The Greyhound Who Thinks A Fun Run Looks, Well, Fun

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