Monday, August 10, 2015

A Quick Visit To Lancaster, PA

Saturday morning the folks decided to visit Lancaster, PA.  Dad said there was an outlet mall there that had a VF Outlet store.  Mom shopped at the one in Foley, AL when we stayed there last winter.  She found that they had the jeans that she likes as well as Dad's work pants.  She can't find them anywhere else. She thinks they have stopped making them and that is why she finds them at the outlet store.

I stayed home and rested.

Lancaster, PA is known for being an Amish community, but Mom said it seemed to be a very touristy area too.  She said she would enjoy staying there for a while because they had some great shopping.

Their first stop was to an Amish restaurant, Good N Plenty Restaurant.  The restaurant lets you decide if you want a family dining experience or just ordering off the menu.  If you order the family dining, it is $22 a person and you are seated with other people.  The family is served in bowls that are passed around and it is all you can eat.  The folks decided $22 for quite a bit to spend for lunch, so they decided to just order off the menu.

Mom ordered the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  It was $9.99.

Dad ordered the sampler.  It has sausage and sauerkraut, meatloaf, chicken, corn on the cob and a side salad.
All the dinners come with a dessert.  Mom chose the cherry crumble and Dad had the cracker pudding.  The folks said the food was bland.  Dad said the sauerkraut was sweet.  He didn't care for it.  They are glad they tried it, but they will not be back.

After lunch, the folk headed to the outlet mall.  Mom found her jeans and bought three pair.  She also bought two pair of shoes.  Dad bought two pair of work pants and a pair jeans. They normally don't buy that much at once, but since they haven't found the clothes they like elsewhere, they splurged. They spent under $150.  They were pleased, but it sounds like a lot of money to me.  Think of how many treats I could have bought with that much money.

Mom was thrilled that they have a QVC outlet there.  She used to be a big QVC fan when we had a house.  If you don't know, QVC is a shopping channel on TV.  Mom enjoyed going through the store.  She didn't buy anything because we really don't need anything and as we mentioned in our last post, if you don't have a place for it, you can't buy it.  She was amazed at the amount of items that the store had.  The prices were good.

Dad told Mom that there was a huge pet store nearby, so they stopped there.  It is really a big fish store, but they also carry dog items.  Dad insisted that they buy me a new toy.  Mom was really surprised because Dad usually doesn't initiate buying me anything.  They picked me out a very long bunny that crinkles and has three big squeakers in it.  A Great Dane puppy was there and she decided that she wanted one of the bunny toys too.  Mom said she was as big as me and she was only seven months old. 

The folks made one more stop on the way home and that was for dinner. They stopped at Mission BBQ.  Mom said the beef brisket was the best she has ever had.  Dad liked his food too, but said he prefers Dickey's BBQ better.  According to the folks, Dickey's is a better value because the sides are included and they taste better.  I got a few fries and I thought they were good.  I guess I need to try Dickey's fries again to decide which one is better.  :::hint, hint:::

They finally arrived back home and gave me my new toy.  I like it.

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