Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Shoe House?

Yes, the folks toured a shoe house yesterday.  It is called the Haines Shoe House.  It was built by Mahlon Haines in 1948.  He owned a shoe company.  He had it built basically as a "billboard" for his company. He handed the contractor a boot and told him to build him a house like it.  The house is 25' tall and has five floors.  He lived in the house for a short while but then began renting it out. The renters were served by a butler and a maid.  They received a free pair of shoes when they left.  He also held contests for people to win a stay in the house. 

The living room is located in the toe, the kitchen is located in the heel, two bedrooms are located in the ankle, and an ice cream shop is located in the instep.  New owners took over in 2015.  Mom said she the owner and her twin sister.  They were very nice and were interested in our lifestyle. 

Tours are $5 a person.  The folks were surprised by the amount of people that were there to tour the shoe house.  Honestly, Mom thought they might be the only ones.  She was happy to see other people there.

Every window has a stained glass shoe in it.

The window sills are curved in the living area.  Mom did not take photos of the living room.  She does not know why.

The original owner in stained glass on the door window.

This is the kitchen window.

The kitchen table.
Dad looking at how the house was constructed.  This is in the upper bedroom. There is a lower and upper bedroom. The maid's room was on the top floor.

Steps leading up to the maid's room.  The maid only lived there when they had renters.

Window as seen from outside of the house.

This is the dog house.  A Great Dane belonged to the original owner.

 Real dogs are allowed to visit.  We are not sure if they are allowed on the tour though.  I would think not.  Below is where the dog enters his house.

The fence has boots on it.

Mom said the house was fun to visit.  Is it worth $5?  Well, the people who own it have to make a living.  It is an unique place, so yes, it is probably worth $5.

The Greyhound Who Prefers A Couch To A Shoe Dog House

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