Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Snyder's Of Hanover - Outlet Store

The folks love to tour factories and there are a lot in this area. Potato chip factories are big here.  The problem is that the tours are all during the week and Dad works.  Mom likes Snyder's Of Hanover.  They make pretzels.  She read that they have an outlet store, so that is where they went on Sunday.  I guess Mom found some good deals because she came home with two big bags of snacks.  Our cupboard is now full! Most of the items were $1.25 and under.  I think she bought 11 bags of pretzels, popcorn, and shoestring potatoes.  She also bought crackers.  She spent. $14 something.  She said that was good as the pretzels are normally $3.50 a bag.

They also stopped at Camping World.  They bought a table to hold our BBQ grill.  Dad also bought tire covers for the RV.  They were half off as they are discontinuing that brand.  He was pretty pleased with that.

Lunch was at a crab house.  Mom had broasted chicken and Dad had a crab cake and scallops.  Mom had never been to a crab house before and was surprised to see buckets of crabs just emptied onto tables.  One family ate at least two buckets full.

The waitress had raved about the broasted chicken.  Mom said it was good, but she has had better. Dad said he has had better crab cakes and scallops.  I think they are spoiled.

Broasted Chicken

Scallops, Baby Potatoes and Crab Cakes

The folks decided to order a pizza for dinner. Do you know what that means?  It means a RIDE!  Yep, I got to go.  Mom ordered a 20" pizza not thinking that a large is usually more like a 16".  It was quite large.  It barely fit in the front seat with Mom.

It may not look large, but it was.

Meat Lovers pizza from Bubba D's.

One slide takes up a whole plate.  It was greasy as you can see from the plate.
The reviews said that you must love garlic to eat it.  They said that garlic butter was put on the crust after it was baked.  They must have forgot it on ours because there was no garlic.  Since the garlic was missing, I was allowed to eat the pizza bones.  We had leftovers, so Mom had it for lunch yesterday.  She just put it in the Ninja and baked it for a few minutes to heat it up. She said it was even better than the night before.  I must have slept through lunch because I don't remember any pizza bones yesterday.

The ride and pizza wore me out.
The Greyhound Who Enjoys A Good Pizza Bone

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