Sunday, August 30, 2015

We Have A New Shade!

One of the things that we added to our old rig that we loved were privacy shades.  They were made custom for our rig right at our site.  You can read about it here:  We Have Shades!  Well, when we sold the old rig, that whole setup went with it because it wouldn't fit our new rig.  Our new rig came with privacy shades that are mounted on the inside, but we were not thrilled with them.  One of the problems is that they did not stretch all the way to the corners of the windshield and the sun still came inside.  Also, since they were on the inside, more heat came in than if they were on the outside.  The folks saw a system they really liked at a RV show in February.  However, it was pretty pricey, so they thought about it for six months.

The new system has magnets.  There is no drilling into the RV for snaps.  Today, the folks installed it.   The first thing you have to do it dry fit it to your windshield.  The shade comes with magnets sewn into it.  One person has to be on the outside on a ladder and the other person is on the inside placing the inside magnets to the windshield.  Let me tell you, those magnets are strong.  The instructions tell you that the magnets can jump 12" and they can.  Mom made the mistake of putting one in each hand.  She then had to ply the magnets apart.  So, Dad stood on the ladder holding up the shade and Mom placed the magnets on the inside of the windshield.  They then made sure it was exactly how they wanted it.  The next step was for Dad to hold the magnet that was sewn into the shade in place, while Mom took the adhesive strip off the magnet that she had and stuck it into its' permanent place.  It was basically an easy process. There was just one magnet that Mom had trouble with because she had trouble reaching it over the steering wheel.  She hit the horn and scared Dad.  BOL!

TADA!  Here is the new shade.
 The great thing about this shade is that we will never have to use a ladder to put it up. We just needed it to install it the first time.  A pole is used to take it down and put it up.  The magnets are the key to making this shade easy to put up.

This is the view from the inside. 

We can see out easily.

Here is the magnet on the inside of the windshield.  It is "permanent".  It is all the way to the top and you don't see it unless you are next to the windshield.

Magne Shade is the company that makes this shade.  We chose just the basic black because we thought that was perfect for our rig.  However, they do take photos and screen print them onto the shades.  My picture could have been on the shade!   I know when Mom first saw the shade in February, she thought about putting a photo of Scout and me on it, but then she thought if something happened to one of us, she would be sad.  Well, you know what happened.  I think the photo of Scout and me in our party hats would have been awesome though.  The saleswoman did say when you have a design on the shade that your view outside is not as clear. 

We have a neighbor who recently arrived and they have the Magne Shades.  I think they bought everything they sell.  They have the side windows, mirror covers and the tire covers.  We decided that the windshield shade was all we really needed and all our budget allowed.  We did get windshield wiper covers, but they came free with our purchase.

Our neighbors chose a pattern on theirs.
We hope we like the shade as much as we think we will.  Getting that ladder out sure was a pain.  We haven't played with it by taking it off and putting it back on yet.  We are making sure the magnets get a good hold onto the window before we do that.

Oh and Dad adjusted our awning today.  It now tilts down more.  The way it came, it just stuck straight out.  We planned on using it today, but it was too windy.  :-(

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