Monday, August 3, 2015

Miss Scout Is Home

Friday night, we drove to the vet's office to pick up Scout's ashes.  It is the first time that the folks have had a private cremation for a pet.  Mom wanted to do it this time because we live on the road now.  She said she couldn't bare to leave Scout behind in a strange city. 

Mom is very happy with Paws To Heaven, the company that did the cremation.  The box that was included with the cremation is very nice and has Scout's name on it. The ashes are wrapped in a white cloth with a seal on it.  They also made a paw print.  It has a few of Scout's hairs on it.  Mom asked Dad if he thought they included the hair on purpose and he said no.  Regardless, Mom likes that it is there.

At first, Mom didn't know if she would display the box.  She asked Dad if it would bother him and he said no.  So, she has it in the bedroom with a few of our photos around it.  She said the bedroom was Scout's favorite room and that is where she would want to be.  

Mom put Scout's collars and tags inside the box.

Private cremation is not for everyone, but Mom is very happy that she did it. She feels much better now that Scout is home.  She promised Scout she would not leave her behind and she didn't. 

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