Monday, May 1, 2017

A New Chapter Begins

We made our way from Dallas to Houston on Saturday.  We were lucky and did not hit any rain.  We did have high winds and bugs.

Here we are packed up and ready to start our new life.

First stop was at the inspection station.  
 We decided to stop at a rest area for lunch.  The screws fell out of a window shade, so Dad made the repair there.  We were glad that was the only repair that was necessary on our trip.

This guy was at a rest area.

Another view at the rest area

Our rig, Jeep and Buddy at the rest area.

The camper was abandoned.  The wind was opening and closing the door.

We knew we were close to Houston when we hit traffic.  There was an accident, but we experienced several slow downs going through Houston.  That is normal.

 When we arrived at our new place, we had to go through the entrance gates.  The office lady told Dad that she was impressed with his driving and that not everyone makes it through without hitting the pedestal.  Hmmm.... why wouldn't a new RV park design it better so that RVs can get in without getting damaged?  It really is a tight turn, but we made it.

Let me remind you what our old RV park was like.

Our new place is much nicer, but there are a few sites that need to be cleaned up, but it is nothing like the old place. No dryers and dishwashers.  One guy has a hot tub.

That is us on the corner.  We are next to the propane filling station.  Yes, that is our view.  However, the site is close to the dumpster and the office.  We can see the lake from our RV.  

No dogs are allowed at the lake.  Grrrr!

I like it!

We have to enter a code to get into the dog walk.  That is because it is not off leash and it leaves the park.  It would be better if it was fenced.
The dog walk.  Oh, there is Mom's shadow.  BOL!

This is our site.  We love that it is concrete.  We just wish we had a bigger area to sit.  We thought about asking to having the picnic table removed, but we are not staying here that long.

Our neighbor has snakes.  We think there are five adults living here.  They are very friendly.

The lake fountain at night.
We like our new place.  It is close to Dad's work.  It is close to shopping.  We will not be staying here for long though.  It is too expensive.  They offered us half off the first month, so that made it okay for a month or two.  There are a lot of other places to try.  We just wanted to start off near Dad's work.

We are parked in a site where we get the morning sun through the windshield.  That is a good thing.  Afternoon sun through the windshield means that we have to have the shades closed because it gets  hot even with the shade that we put on the outside of the windshield.  It actually got hot this morning, so we have our night shade down until the sun moves to the side of the RV.  Mom had the awning out, but it sensed the wind was too high, so it came in.  Oh well.  We are just trying to keep the RV as cool as possible.

The weather has been surprising nice here.  Yesterday was beautiful.  The rest of the week is supposed to be nice except a rainy, possible stormy day on Wednesday.  We know the nice temperatures are not going to last long, so we are going to enjoy them while we can.

Mom says it is hard for her to comprehend that we are going to be living in one area for an indefinite amount of time. There is no rush to try out restaurants or to see things.  It is a strange feeling and will probably take us a while to realize this is home now.

I like it here.  I got really nervous the last few days at the old place and really didn't want to go outside.  Mom was getting worried about me, but I am fine now that we are in a new location.  I had two really bad charley horses Saturday and Sunday.  Mom said it was because I stood for a good part of our trip and I am getting too old for that.  I have been okay so far today.

The Greyhound Who Is Happy In His New Location

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